Monday, 20 March 2006

No Chickens at St Kilda

Was all set for a day painting, when I looked out my Kitchen window and saw massive rooster tails down at St Kilda, so naturally jumped in car and shot down to John Wilson Drive and shot a few of these from the car. Not as spectacular from there but there were big sets pushing through every 10-11 mins.

St Clair has picked up a bit from yesterday too with two in the water. One guy out surfing at St Kilda, never saw him catch anything, waves were closing out closer to shore.
Got a text and apparantly Brighton and Blackhead was crap.


Surfer Jo said...

Damn nice again nic...looks like its getting cold down there now :( its been damn hot up here the last few days and the waters still 19c :) we holding on tight to summer haha.

Nic on 21 March, 2006 20:35 said...

It is getting much colder, that swell that came through a few weeks back really dropped the water temp down here. Today was flat and choppy, nobody out anywhere, (when I looked) got some pics but not worth putting up.


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