Sunday, 26 March 2006

The Gold Coast Yesterday

I wish it was me taking these, look at the guys wearing board shorts still !! They were sent to me by my sister who lives there. I was pretty blown away with what she got as it was her fist shoot just on surfers and waves. Well by saying first time out shooting surf images, she is actually a professional photographer, but you need an eye for what to shoot for surf * waves to sis* awesome job.


Surfer Jo said...

Ahh the goldy :) where does the sister live? i got a place at Burleigh that i stay at most of the summer...yea they will be in bordies for while yet, there water only drops to about 18-19c in the middle of winter, and its the land of long rights. Cant wait to move there :)

Nic on 27 March, 2006 10:16 said...

Burleigh is in my heart, both my sets of grandparents lived either in Burliegh, or on Burliegh heads at some stage. There used to be a few trips over as a kid. Actually my Uncle bought an apartment in the first 'high rise' building on the Gold Coast in the early 70's, it was 2 storeys high!! he only just sold it a few years ago. My sis has been living on the coast for a few years and OZ for the last 22. I'll tell her to put a post here.


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