Friday, 10 March 2006

Day of the Run-around!

Friday, end of the week, so many things to do, pay, book in, pickup, deliver, make, print and all of these activities had some sort of hitch. What fun. Off to the Catlins tomorrow for a day or two for a mammoth surf-photo session.. stay tuned to the same surf channel, and will report back Sunday eve with the lowdown on the DEEPLY BITTERLY COLD DIRTY SOUTH.

Pics on this post were from around 1pm at again, you guessed it, Blackhead. Shows how busy I am lately not getting around anywhere else. And also a few at St Clair. some small clean peaks breaking close to shore unbrushed by any wind, but a little chop overall ... with the rain pelting down just after 2.30 ish today then it all went to cr*p.



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