Friday, 18 September 2009

Hollow Board Dogs

Jay picked up an old hollow core fibreglass longboard last month.
Its been out for a few test drives, the first one, the seams split, and it took on water.
A bit of a novelty, but it seems to go well.

Top image, is the board on top of the No Dogs sign st the entrance to Brighton Beach from the top Domain.
Brighton, Aramoana and St Clair Beaches have a no dogs allowed policy enforced by the DCC.
Most abide by this, but some don't and it affects both the people using the beach, and the wildlife. I had a bit of a talk to the local paper, the Taieri Herald, who ran a bit of an informative story on it a few weeks back. Shocking phot of me!


Anonymous said...

Thought the photo captured the essence of 'concerned citizen', actually...




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