Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Beaches set for protected status

ODT 15th July 2009 by Chris Morris
Beaches set for protected status
Eleven of Dunedin's coastal reserves look set to be given new protected status, at the expense of some recreational rights, in an effort to protect vulnerable sand dune systems.

Under the Reserves Act 1977, local authorities were required to classify the primary use of the reserves they owned. read the rest here

• Kuri Beach (two areas on coastal side of Taieri Mouth Rd)
• Brighton (coastal side of Brighton Rd)
• Ocean View (coastal side of Brighton Rd)
• Island Park
• Ocean Grove (coastal side of Tomahawk)
• Te Rauone
• Long Beach
• Warrington
• Karitane
• Waikouaiti (in the vicinity of Matanaka Dr)

The changes would become part of the council's draft Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan, due to be released for public consultation in October.


Anonymous said...

stop supporting roy stewart, he is a liar and should stop saying lies about people on the surf forums

nic on 02 October, 2009 20:01 said...


I assume you are talking about my efforts documenting/blogging the Olo Hikoi last year? and having a link to it on my blog here?

I did the Hikoi blog for all the people that gathered together to surf a board that was unique, and to support and allow their shared experiences.
It was about the aloha of the journey, the people, and the shared fun.

There is no Roy Stewart input on that blog, although by its' existence it would appear to support Roy and his boards boards.

Although you may be pleased to know though, that Roy now hurls abuse at me when has the opportunity, so I know where you are coming from.



Anonymous said...

bummer for you nic, the guy is ruining nz surfing on the forums, he tells lies and hurts people for his own sick gain, i would ditch that link if i was you, the guy knows nothing about the spirit of aloha, a friend

nic on 02 October, 2009 21:17 said...

Anon, If you feel its important,
Flick me an email on the contact nic link above

Anonymous said...

at this stage i would just like to remain anon, he has upset a good friend of mine with his attacks on the forums and i am angry, i will get over it in a few days, this is no reflection on your great blog, keep up the good work and dont stop sharing your POSITIVE messages, stokeing people is important, on the net, on land and in the water, cheers i will not bother you anymore, ps i am not chicken just think that this guy feeds of negativety and dont want to give him anymore amo


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