Friday, 2 October 2009

350 surfers paddle out St Clair

Come together and band arms against climate change
The aim of the paddle out is to connect the broader surfing community, spread awareness and build momentum to combat climate change.

Swell permitting, the paddle out is planned to take place at 9am on Saturday the 24th of October at St Clair. If the waves are rather solid or wild, we plan to relocate to the harbour, or a more sheltered beach nearby.

Saturday, October 24, 2009
9:00am - 10:00am
St Clair
Dunedin, New Zealand

For more info please feel free to contact Leroy Rust at
Join his facebook page at: 350 surfers paddle out


Neville said...

Change is Life without change there is no life
and "Global Warming" or "global Cooling" as they called it in the 70's is unproven and unprovable
so what say the effort goes into "real" acts
that minimise Human interference in nature not pointless examples of humanity failing to think things through.
How much fuel will be used for a get together that will do nothing more than say "we care"?
i'll say now
" I CARE so i wont be there!"
from 9-10 i'll pick up litter instead .

Martin said...

Wow - powerful stuff Neville and might I add, good on ya for having such a educated view. However not all peoples are as aware as your good self. How many people will acts such as 350 touch? For those with their heads in the sand, moments such as these may cause them to see that they won't be working alone to change human impact on Mother Earth. We are moving towards the co-creation of a new awareness, events like these make massive jobs seem do-able through a collective my opinion anyways. Maybe YOU could rally a few troops while they are all at St Clair and lead them by your example...picking up rubbish. What a great opportunity, good job all!

Neville said...

I beg to differ everyone is getting desensitised by the million schemes intending to inform and educate them but are not practically based in reality,
even the 350 concept is purely a conceptual number of no real significance!, so perhaps another 350 people say "screw it everyone is just making stuff up and the scientists are hyping in order to get research grants not save the world so i'm going to carry on as i was"
That would be a tragedy and many people i talk to feel this way as every scheme from Bio fuel to Hybrid cars are proven to be worse for the environment than the "greenies " claimed.
Time for "Real" measures to be taken not "imagined" ones!

Anonymous said...

lets all get the bus to the beach...

Leroy said...

350 goes beyond "a conceptual number of no real significance"... far beyond! 350 provides a number in which politicians and the public alike can grapple with to start taking "real measures".. it provides something to aim for, it is something that those less educated in the area can understand. And beyond that this is a number which has for once, been widely accepted in the highest leagues of scientist around the word.
Real change begins with an open mind, one that is willing to try something different, one that can learn from mistakes made and can build on them. Do you suggest Neville, that because some of these ideas haven't worked we stop trying? and perhaps you should take a moment to research not the flaws but successes like the recent advancements in solar pannels .. i promise you will be surprised.
Human interference is inevitable; we are a part of nature, as much as the wind, the water, and the earth. what better way to take "real action" at minimising impact than actually getting together and sharing ideas. change begins with an individaul picking up rubish on the beach, and extends to the growth of a community collaboration. I do not argue the blatant contradiction of using fuel to get to the beach on this day, but i argue the cumulative future rewards if a few of us are inspired to car pool when we next go surfing? if a few more are inspired to pick rubish off the beach, and a few more to make another small change?
I CARE, so i will be there trying my best to help my fellow surfers, to help themselves. I CARE so i will be there hoping to create an inspiring event, where people such as yourself are welcome to come and open your ears and hopefully your mind.

Neville said...

Have a Great and inspiring event i do not speak of belief i speak of people who say to me "i've Had enough if all the schemes i do my best" and yes British Petroleum have done great thing with solar tech and the governments scheme to insulate homes is another real world enviro sucess i don't focus on the negative i merely pointed out the falicy of touted enviro schemes that have been or are becoming even bigger disasters than the tech they replaced.

but do you assume by your "I CARE" in capitals i dont?

And so the New Religion gathers pace with the "believers" believing the stories of the scientific "priests", who until now were but investigators.

Tho now sellers and Elders and the "followers" never Questioning a thing but the "unbelievers" while the open minded questioned and queried how 200 years in millions of years of change could be so accurately defined by so few who have so little data to define.

I Care about Truth and Scientific whores selling the truth for research monies and the people who fear change and most about the being who believes "He" killed the world because he needs help the most for he is not so important!

Then Again i could be Wrong in which case i'll accept that fact, until then like most i will do my best to be part of my environment not damage it because it clearly appears most of the well intended ideas to heal the world are just damaging it more.
Peace and Love


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