Sunday, 18 October 2009

First Snow - SOLD to a good cause

First Snow
Sold for $300 at the Amazing Grace Charity Art Auction
15th October 2009
50% of the sale price was donated to raise money to get Grace and her family to Austria for treatment in the University Hospital in Graz. Grace Hughes is a five-year old living in Dunedin. Grace, for no apparent physical reason has never eaten – and has been nil by mouth since she was born.


t2 said...

nice work nic

grace goes to kindy with my kids
and she really is a little

she is off to Austria in November
and if all goes well are hoping she will be eating by xmas

nic on 19 October, 2009 18:15 said...

thats excellent news she is going.
I've never met her, only seen her on TV.

Anonymous said...

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