Friday, 11 September 2009

Memorial Mosaics

Arrived in Ashburton via bus on Wednesday night to stay with Amber for 5 days. Yesterday it was her 20th Birthday, we spent the day going around a few op shops, nothing but rubbish, so saved a few $$ there.
I was keen to get Amber into a new hobby, so bought up a mosiac kit for her, damn my pack was heavy! Our first project was to make some memorial plaques for our lost loved guinea pigs. My beloved Floyd, and her recently passed Amma. Above: we designed the blocks to go on large pavers. here we have got as far as laying out the letters.
Hi caity! missing you babe, hope your science exam was better today than you thought.
Update 12th Sept09:
Below: more progress... Amber working on Ammas, you can see hers in the reflection in the window. And to her left, the plastic tray she bought today to keep all her cut pieces in. Just waiting now for the adhesive layer to dry for 24hours, and we should be able to grout tomorrow arvo.

Update 13th September::


Pamela said...

Looking good. Will look forward to seeing the GPs done. What will you do with them when finished?

nic on 12 September, 2009 13:02 said...

we are almost finished them, had to go to Bunnings to get some more light blue.
Amber is going to place it over the spot where Amma is buried.
Me, when I buried Floyd in the Dunes at Blackhead a few years ago I planted a tree, but unfortunately the tree died this winter so I bought another one and its in the garden at home, so I will place my plaque under it there.


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