Thursday, 4 June 2009

David Bain - The Verdict

This afternoon the summing up from Judge Pankhurst will finish and the jury will be sent to huddle together with their sandwiches and suitcases to deliberate the fate of David Bain.
The crown was the prosecution in the three month retrial at the High Court in Christchurch, of the charge that David murdered 5 of his immediate family.. his two sisters, Laniet, & Arawa, brother Stephen, and father and mother Robin and Margaret. The defense says that David is innocent, and his father Robin committed 4 murders, and then turned the gun on himself.
Innocent or Guilty?
What will the jury decide. In Davids first trial he was found guilty of the five murders and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a non parole period of 16 years. Bain supporter Joe karam championed Davids plea of innocence and has worked for his release for the last twelve years, with numerous appeals, release on bail, and finally the full retrial. This is one of the most historical murder cases in NZ history. There are 4,000 pages of evidence from this retrial.

My Opinion: Guilty - what do you think?
- Robins' body had absolutely no trace of forensic evidence linking him to the murders.
- Stephens blood was found on David's tshirt, shorts and socks.
- No fingerprints of Robin on the gun, especially considering how hard it would have been to make the shot (right handed shot left temple with silencer would have had to use tumb to pull trigger). Only Stephens blood & fingerprints and Davids fingerprints were found on the gun.
- Robin's body was still warm, and the other four were much colder, indicating that the first four had been killed much earlier in the morning. If Robin had committed the murders they would have all died within the 40 minutes that david was on his paper round (Robin would also have had to have washed himself up, changed his clothes, powered up the computer, left the note and shot himself in this 40 minute time frame)
- David admitted to putting on the washing the morning. Stephen had fibres from the green jersey in the wash under his fingernails.
- Robins' hands had at least a day's worth of grime and dirt on them, which if he had worn bloodied gloves and handled the washing machine, and bloodied shower cap and towells in the bathroom, he would have had to have some water contact or washed his hands.
- Robin had a full bladder with overnight accumilation and was found in the clothes in which he had slept. he also had the mornings' paper next to him on the coffee table which he had bought in. The light in lounge was off.
- The lack of fresh injuries on Robin but the presence of the fresh injuries to David.
- David describing Laniet as "gurgling" . Only the murderer could have heard that despite what the defence say.
- The blood stained opera gloves. No way would Robin have donned gloves to commit crimes he supposedly coughed to on the infamous computer message. Why would you need to hide your fingerprints if you were going to write a message incriminating yourself afterwards?
- The family he was staying with immediately after the murders, the Clark's, decided during this time that he had done it. And he was not the primary suspect at this time either.

- David never took the stand as a witness. Which to me smacks of guilt, in the first trial he took the stand, and said too many incriminating things (like hearing laniet gurgling), that the defense was scared he'd blow the whole trial if cross examined again.

At the outset of this retrial Reed promised damning evidence to counter all the Crown's major pieces of evidence. He has failed to deliver.

Not surf related, but I have been following this case since the beginning.. and its my blog.
Opinions anyone??


Hairy Goat on 04 June, 2009 16:23 said...

It is so obvious that David Bain is guilty. Why would Robyn leave so much evidence behind that made it look like David did it, clean himself up, and then kill himself? And wouldn't he need to go to the toilet during this time? And what was David doing for that 25 minutes he "spaced out"? And where did the scratches all over him come from? So obvious!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he did it, maybe his family were so f..k.d up that he just lost his mind!!!!!!! We are all a creation of our up bringing , it moulds us....I feel for the guy, don't know why ,just seems like a tragic story however it is told and percieved. Im feeling the love David!
Hope your feeling better Nic!!
Kimberley (mama G) lol ask Tash.

paul said...

Look at the guys jerseys

I rest my case


Anonymous said...

Guilty as the day is long. Who sees their family killed and then goes and does a load of washing?

The one who did the killin'.....

t2 said...

he heard his sister making
noises....nothing said about
him trying to revive her
hold/comfort her until help arrived

Steph on 05 June, 2009 00:56 said...

I have spoken to so many people who think he is innocent and I just don't understand how they can think that. The evidence is blinding! And then they say things like 'well I studied this at uni and I know the police totally f*cked up the entire investigation so he must be innocent' - what does that have to do with anything?? And then they say, 'my mum's auntie's sister knew the prison guards who looked after him and they said they didn't think he did it'... it's absolutely ridiculous. I hope he gets a guilty verdict but based on the stupidity of so many of the people I have heard speaking about it, well you just have to hope the jury knows their sh*t... they should, better than any of us!

Anonymous said...

What was the finals like in kaikoura? I dont care about that shit

nic on 05 June, 2009 14:24 said...

finals results just up.
Two of the finals were run on saturday, the Juniors and the Open Womens.
last day finals were held at Mungamanu, with hail sleet, wind cold yuk, I didn't get there till the open final.

Anonymous said...

i am fu*kin livid at the cost to the taxpayer will have to fund for this retrial. to have 2 or 3 QCs on a defence team is a frickin huge expense. these guys probably command $8K a day. we are having to pay for that. All i can say is that if david profits from this in any way in terms of book deal, movie deal or even a fashion deal, we should adopt same approach as Oz that any profits are repaid to offset legal fees etc.

as for his sister gurgling and the defence team saying this was a washing machine. WTF? As a rule, in situations like these the only person to survive is generally the perpertrator.


nic on 05 June, 2009 14:38 said...

yep, it wasn't just gurgling David reported, it was also moaning. Agree WFT washing machine gurgling??? NO WAY! considering Laniets room was upstairs and the washing machine downstairs in a room at the back of the house.

Karem gets $300 and hour as a consultant, and of course his son is on the defense team.

nic on 05 June, 2009 17:10 said...

this is WRONG!!!
like fuck

shooter said...

Well they might as well let them all out now Lundy will next , then Scott Watson,hahhhha...

They got it wrong Innocent! rubbish!!
The only fingerprints on the were David,s and Stephens tell me how Robin shot himself without getting fingerprints on the gun!!!

Anonymous said...

Not Guilty! Yeah Right.

Miraculous how Robin shot himself without leaving prints on the rifle. We know Stephen fought with the killer and there were only two sets of prints on the rifle - Stephen's and David's. What did Robin do? Shoot himself and then wipe his fingerprints off the rifle!!! This jury proved Charles Dickens right when he said: "The law is an ass." The defence case was all red herrings and the jury took the bait - hook, line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

We know what 'Poirot' would say !

Anonymous said...

Family annihilators, usually the senior man of the house, who is depressed, paranoid, intoxicated or a combination of these. He kills each member of the family who is present, sometimes including pets. He may commit suicide after killing the others, or may force the police to kill him.
I can't remember a brother doing this?

Anonymous said...

I have just heard the verdict! Not Guilty!!! The jury should be locked up.

yellow and red knitted jersey - 25 cents

.22 calibre rifle - $125

murdering your entire family with compensation of millions of dollars - PRICELESS

Olaf the Black

kirstend on 06 June, 2009 08:52 said...

'Poirot' would say about David that " He has no motive, Hastings "

nic on 06 June, 2009 09:21 said...

Motive for David is complex and based upon a lifetime of emotional trauma with his upbringing and his mothers actions towards him and the rest of his siblings.

"The message "You are the only one who deserved to stay" is Davids view of himself (not Robins), and also hints at motive. The others were undeserving of all that they had in Davids view.

Anonymous said...

is joe karem now the most despised man in NZ? surely he must be up there. ne needs a bullet. $300 an hour as a consultant. how the fuck can he justify that? we are being taken for a ride in the total expense associated with this trial.


nic on 06 June, 2009 09:43 said...

Joe always wanted to be the Hero.
In the same effect that he can only see the innocence of David as that vehicle, he will only see those whom adore and support him.

And sue and threaten to sue those who think and write otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You lot would go well at a spanish inquisition or salem witch trial. . . . no 'in my opinion' everything just stated as if it is fact plus there's no shortage of hysterical outbursts and hatred. . . not exactly what is needed in a judge, and judges are what you are all pretending to be.

It's a shameful display


Anonymous said...

I am reluctant to comment for fear of becoming as judgemental as you pricks but I can't help myself after reading such crap. I feel the need to respond. Firstly, why bother commenting on the legal aid cost? it has nothing to do with the crime whether it totals $20 or $20m. It happened after the event, Duh. And it's a cost we bear in this country to ensure that rich fuckers can't buy justice. Secondly, the cops in this country are well known for their arrogance and closed - mindedness. Take a close look at the Arthur Allan Thomas and Scott Watson cases for instance. Two of many wrongly convicted thru cop ignorance. Thirdly, Joe Karam may be a control freak and claimed expenses but not many people keep up 15 years support without substance behind it. This goes for the supporters as well, who sacrificed a lot and had nothing to gain. Thankfully this case was decided by level headed people who discounted the innuendo, heard all the facts that are known, and probably don't indulge in blog comments.

Anonymous said...

Ha - a blog comment like the one you just left you dick. A "duh" back at you.

Blogs by their nature are based on opinions. Thanks for breaking your restraint and enlightening us stupid people with your intelligent and succinct summation of "The Facts". Your fear has been realised (oh my gosh I have been judgmental by making a comment but I just couldn't help myself). Anonymous bore.

I personally knew the family and had meet David. To say he had no motive is naive. David tried very hard to gain acceptance but was a social outcast. Arawa, Laniet and Stephen were popular well liked people. On a number of occasions, David sang in the Bayfield Highschool choir in front of the school. He was openly jeered and laughed at - the opposite of the adulation he so desperately craved. This is just one example but indicative of the struggles he was faced with growing up.Just like the Columbine High muderers, Klebold and Harris, David also allowed a lifetime of bullying to manifest itself in an extreme way. Arawa was everything he was not. Head girl (a popularity vote), attractive and embarking on a university degree. Motive can be subtle and those who knew him can see through his facade.

Purveyors of the truth will not let this latest verdict sleep.

Innocent people will always take the stand to be cross examined - they have nothing to hide.

Poirot?? Fictional like your comments.

Olaf The Black

Anonymous said...

Dry your eyes and go surfin, Jah rasta

Anonymous said...

"Just like the Columbine High muderers, Klebold and Harris, David also allowed a lifetime of bullying to manifest itself in an extreme way"

You speak as if it is demonstrably true that David is guilty when clearly it is not.

nic on 07 June, 2009 09:44 said...

but he is guilty of the 5 murders.

He just got off due to an antiquated jury system.
New Zealands own OJ Simpson

Anonymous said...

Just like Klebold and Harris, David Bain is a Jew (eg mum's maiden name is Cullen which is a variant of Cohen).

Karam is also a Jew. Do you think this is why Karam spent so much time and money on the case?

How is it that 12 jurors can find David Bain innocent, when the evidence is so against him?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the whole David Bain/Karam thing is a Jew scam to milk millions from the New Zealand taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jew scams. A couple of years ago, the Jew mathematics professor, Joel Schiff (University of Auckland), appeared on New Zealand TV, impersonating a Geology professor. He was part of a scam to sell a common piece of rock as a rare meteorite. A very strange aspect of the scam, was the bit where the news article claimed that the meteor had smashed through someone's roof, bounced off their couch, then come to rest under the computer,....

They wanted someone to "donate" $50,000 (might have been $30,000) for the rock. I don't know if anyone paid. I just laughed.

Anonymous said...

So we've moved a month two - another book by Karam why is he writing this? money, fame a moral inclination or a sense of insecurity that he got it wrong? the rumoured 100,000 dollars he got before putting pen to paper certainly is an added incentive.
But his reputation would be shattered when eventually the fact comes out about the true murderer of the Bain family.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking of Jew scams."

Come on,... you been living under a rock.

Jews have pulled far bigger scams than the few little ones you complain about here.

How about these for a few of the bigger known scams:

1) the holocaust
2) the whole lying narrative concerning the world wars
3) the whole lying narrative concerning communism
4) the whole lying narrative concerning christianity
5) the Israel lies
6) the moon landing scam
7) the 9/11 deception
8) the US FED and "central banking"
9) the Einstein scam
10) the fact that nearly all "world leaders" are covert Jews (e.g., Obama, G W Bush, Blair, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and your own man John Key (at least John Key admitted to it))

There's a few, for a starter.


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