Wednesday, 16 January 2008

those water pics

My second experience with a camera out in the surf. Pictured left is the Kodak $21.55 'single use' disposable 35mm film camera I used, just a short step up from the piece of **** that I bought off trademe a few months back.
Having only been a 'from land' shooter I have always been eager to shoot from the water. There are so many photo possibilities out there I see when surfing that are missed. So my thinking goes.. I have a 6mp digital camera with a proper underwater housing.. never used, I don't want to flood it my first few goes out, and only have shitty pics as a result.. so practice a bit with crappy disposable cameras that cost next to nothing.
What I want to achieve: practicing getting in the right position for the photos, where to sit, and how to position myself without getting in the way of the surfers.

What I found: What a completely different experience! Just free swimming around I had a ball out in the surf with the Kodak, although I know I do need to get some flippers to be able to be more responsive in direction changes and moving faster, the beach break I was at has often unpredictable peaks coming through. Its pretty hard work, and I can see that its a very skilled art, I take my hat off to the masters of water photography, likes of Chris Garden, Ray Collins etc

So after 30 mins of effort I passed the camera on to Jono who took some cool shots from his board ( much better than my efforts):

and then Caitlin had a go, Jay had the camera at that stage and they swapped, caity took a great shot of Jay taking off on a wave on her new board, not quite in frame, but potential, and then a cool shot (love her creativity) of her under water :0) :


Eponymous on 18 January, 2008 20:39 said...

I like those little throwaway cameras - you need to be quite close to the action but they give good results. Have you had a look at the Fuji digital camera with u/w housing on special at the moment? Under $300 from memory and also has video mode. Tempting!

nic @ phoam on 18 January, 2008 21:29 said...

yep seen some on trademe, but I do have a pentax optio with water housing, just haven't used it yet

Charlotte on 24 January, 2008 22:50 said...

Welcome back sis, glad to see you didn't lose the blog after all! Love the 'amongst it' photos with the Kodak, they give a real feel for what it's like out there.

Can't wait to see the photos from the Pentax!

nic @ phoam on 25 January, 2008 07:12 said...

thanks :0)

hey this was the beach you surfed at when you were over.

hopefully will get the pentax set up in the housing in a few weeks when life gets a little less busier.


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