Thursday, 24 January 2008

Maori Midden found

Images of the location of the Maori Midden discovered while excavation began for the St Clair Resort Hotel on The Espalande.

Middens around the country have been protected by covenants under the Historic places act like the one at Kohutuhutu Road, Raumati, which was discovered when development started on the Palms subdivision.

Middens are places where the remains of food (such as shellfish and bones), ash and charcoal from fires, and other traces of settlement can be found. Such middens provide evidence that early Māori settlements were often coastal, and that food from the sea was an important part of the diet.


Anonymous said...

Whoohoo. All fun and games when they discover one. yet the one on Barneys Island has been eroding for years and no one does anyhting baout excavating it before it's lost. Yes there are human bones in it and yes I have found artifacts there.

nic on 17 June, 2011 17:19 said...

it wasn't really fun and games.. as quick as it was discovered, it was 'dealt with' and destroyed for foundations for the St Clair Resort. I'm interested further about the midden on Barneys Island..

Lee said...

all midden are protected by the 'Historic Places Act 1993'. Any significant findings should be reported to DOC. I believe its not a lack of interest but funding that allows our heritage to be eroded away. This government has cut funding to DOC dramatically.


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