Saturday, 26 January 2008

Students and teachers

St Kilda was absolutely packed today mostly with the new student population with shiny new boards and wetties, the surf shops must be doing a booming trade at the moment..
I have been corrected, these are not new students, but locals.. but you know what I mean yeah?

Meanwhile (below) Hayley carved some clean lines...

And with the Isolated DVD release at the Ori tonight, I managed to get Hayden Parsons himself working on the left side of the pier.


Anonymous said...

hey hey,

your comment was correct about the students cloging up the beaches, but i can tell u the top pic doesnt have any students in it hahaha all these guys grew up hear.


nic @ phoam on 12 February, 2008 18:26 said...

sorry, was a bit of a risky post.. something i had been seeing a bit generally, and the pic sort of represented an aspect of it, apologies if i offended anyone

Anonymous said...

no worriez,

keep up the good work, your pics are sick!!!


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