Friday, 11 January 2008


St Kilda was pretty heavy basking in a strong offshore early in the morning.

Above right: Jae Kilgour out the back at St Clair
Below: When I got to blackhead later in the arvo the offshore had picked up again and blackhead was pumping.. I quickly took a few shots with the wide angle lens on, and then changes lenses and hi-tailed it down to the beach.. by the time I got there and set up the wind had swung around, and the tide must have changes,, all in the space of ten mins..

Above left: in a space of 24 hours the storm swell had dropped heaps and cleaned up.


Spuddog said...

Man I miss the Pier!! We need to petition the council for a new permanent one (or three)?! Might help solve some of the erosion issues too?? :)


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