Friday, 25 January 2008

Crazy Stuff

Sometimes crazy stuff happens around full moon for me. This month has been especially crazy, loosing the blog for 3 days and frantically painting every spare minute for an exhibition.

Since there have been no real blog posts for the last almost a week, here is a bit of a catchup.
Been doing some serious gardening over the summer, and a very still evening me and Jay decided to burn off some of the larger dry wood that has been gathering under the willows at the bottom of the garden. Last month we mapped out and sprayed the lawn and have begun digging off the top dead grass layer and with a newly acquired soil tiller off trademe the garden beds will be mulched well, turned over and planted out with natives

Being resourceful and a hopeless romantic, I couldn't let a good bonfire pass without some fire baked potatoes in foil, which we enjoyed swimming in butter and garlic by the glow of the fire as the sun set.

Below: Caity going out at our favourite local



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