Tuesday, 6 February 2007

waitangi day surf

Its been a long week, made longer by being out of action for half of it, but glad to get out today later in the avo and get some shots at St Clair under the cloudless sky .. Hayley and Tash were in the groove, some shots below..


sckiwi said...

Such a shame you can no longer name spots.
I guess you have to keep people happy.
Keep up the great work

Nic on 08 February, 2007 18:23 said...

thanks paul,

yes it came to it .. at least not naming what the spots are on the photo.. I have had quite a few feedbacks lately that my pics have been floating all around the world, sent via emails/downloaded etc.. and are recognisable by the date and place watermark .. so I decided to take off the place and put just the date and my website. I will name the more common spots on my blog text entries, but not the photos anymore.

sckiwi said...

Proberly a good move. I'm sure the locals will work out where it is ;-)
Shows how popular your blog is.


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