Monday, 12 February 2007

Concrete Nightmare

OSH save us from the DCC
what a way to bring awareness to the situation the DCC has created with the New Sea Wall and the methods of construction and maintenance.
Tops to the instigators of these plaquards over the weekend.

There are innumerable hazards both around the sea wall, and the sea wall its self.
1. old farm gate sticking out over pathway.
2. Continually slimy and slippery steps.
3. Exposed steel rods and other objects littering the beach.
4. What appears to be a exact replacement of stairs which have already been proven to be destructable.
5. Rickety Handrails.

pic below added 13 feb .. re: comments below


Anonymous said...

have they been pulled down now? i couldn't see them today

Nic on 13 February, 2007 20:30 said...

I drove past today at 4pm and they were gone .. I couldn't imagine that the council would allow them to stay up long .. but the photos remain :0)

Anonymous said...

Interesting the way the article on the news the other night about the Tomoahawk-sand-shifting proposal. They made it seem like it was the rich stealing from the poor and that it was poor Tomahawk fighting against greedy St Clair... the report failed to acknowledge that practically everybody with an interest in St Clair (including locals) thinks the same as the Tomohawk residents - i.e. that the proposal is utterly ludicrous!!!

Nic on 13 February, 2007 22:54 said...

yes i saw that item too, was it closeup? the thing is it was stated in that programme that the sand was to be used for replenishing the beach at St Clair, but it was stated in the 'letters to the editor ODT' a month ago by a DCC representative, that the sand was NOT destined to be used at St Clair. I do however agree that the dunes need attention and stabilising at Middles, BUT that is ony due to the greedy land reclamation by the DCC for those sportsgrounds immediately behind it, I have added an ariel pic that I added in the areas of proposed work where you can see the outrageously impossible to maintain dune equilirium/sea encroachment

sckiwi said...

The new site looks GREAT.
You really are a whiz with a camera. Love the shot taken from brighton looking towards ocean veiw.

Nic on 14 February, 2007 17:20 said...

thanks heaps :0)
yes thats a fav shot of mine too.

jono said...

yeah that shot through the brighton rocks up to blackhead is awesome, love that one


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