Thursday, 15 February 2007

an imposter under a grey blanket.

the imposter is the 'new' second hand E300 I picked up this week while my original darling is away being serviced/diagnosed .. the grey blanket is of course the thick cloud overhead at around 5pm when I took the imposter out for a test drive. Couldn't really tell much of its performance due to the low light, and lack of focal distance with the 50-200 lens . but snapped a heap of shitty photos and a few okay ones.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Hayley Coakes (above) for her second place in the Canterbury Roxy Womens champs over the weekend, and to Aliesha Drinkwater for gaining fourth place in her age group.
And again sorry about the low quality pics.. but.. true skill


sckiwi said...

Shitty photo's? Whatever.
Look great to me:-)

Nic on 16 February, 2007 17:17 said...

well thing is .. I am getting pretty discerning technically.. I know a good pic when I take it.. high res, sharp vivid, crisp etc.. good light/exposure as well as composition. finding it a little frustrating latey with whats been happening with the new 50-500 lens with its thurst for strong light for the Auto focus to work properly, especially with all the cloud cover we have been experiencing over summer. i looked back over my archived pics and we had alot of bright sunny winter days with good swell.. i guess I am getting a bit starved of good swell and lighting conditions. i would equate that to 1ft slop for three months for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey so tell us about this guy with the paddle. he's been out there heaps in the last week or so and getting plenty of waves

Nic on 18 February, 2007 19:16 said...

I'll ask a friend who told me his story with it first .. see if its okay with him.


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