Monday, 5 February 2007

BP Surf Rescue

at St Kilda today.. went for a short walk on the beach .. lots of body surfers..
Nice view of St Clair and Kilda to Lawyers, you can just make out the tahuna outfall pipe, which is getting pretty long now. St Kilda Surf Lifesaving team out practicing on the inflatable.


Jonathan said...

Nice summer-y photos, but that's not why I'm writing... I remembered a good surf quote for you (and I don't want to join the snakepit of Surfconz to pass it on):
"When I surf, I dance for Krishna"
-Ted Spencer (sixties/seventies Aus. surf champ)

Nic on 06 February, 2007 22:28 said...

thanks for that.. nice wee quote, and I am sure Ramesh Balsekar would say 'I AM surf' :0)


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