Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Swell Lines Magazine - the voice of the Mainland.
This issue features - The last big swell of 2006, mission to Fiordland gone wrong, Hayley Coakes interview, Travel to Mexico, Epic photos from Dunedin, Kaikoura, Christchurch and the West Coast and much more. FREE at most surf stores throughout the country.
This issue I got the cover shot and quite a few pages of pics inside including two articles, one on Hayley Coakes and about sand mining at Tomahawk


Anonymous said...

Great to see SWELL LINES back!!!
Well done Tim, we need to support this local mag. Long may it continue and if any of you out there want to advertise, get to it! DID YOU KNOW??? That surfing is the biggest participation sport in NZ; Even above rugby, according to NZ Hilary Commisson statistics!!!

boardridingbuddha said...

whats rugby ? bloody alpha males..;)
91 million would build a few nice reefs !!!
congrats Tim
and nice work Phoam

Anonymous said...

thats all good but isnt swell lines editor a BODYBOARDER nothing against boogers but surely that doesnt help there cause i also heard he was biast? my opinion dnt leave people out if they rip!

Anonymous said...
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