Thursday, 14 October 2010

Surfscapes - Reviews - a success?

The exhibition was due to end today,

but has been extended until the 6th of November 2010

Exhibition Review
ODT Thursday 30th September 2010
- Arts Section

"Surfscapes" (Green Island Gallery)

Green Island Gallery's "Surfscapes" consists of work by eight local surfers who are also artists.

Several of the names are familiar, most notably Steev Peyroux and Ollie Crooks, but the work by the remaining artists is also worthy of note.

James Kerr's work is impressive, with its boldly impressionistic colours.

The sea seems to ripple in the mix of pinks and cyans which he weaves from his brush, as do the waves in two equally attractive bright works by Ollie Crooks.

More realistic are the warm vibrant tones of Nic Reeves' paintings, which depict stylised South Pacific seafronts, with foam breaking against symbol-heavy Polynesian coasts.

Darren Tautari's work is attractive, understated, and realistic.

He nicely depicts his recognisable street and beach scenes, often by picking a feature, most obviously in the simple, effective Gulls.

His work sits opposite two excellent large pieces by Steev Peyroux depicting folded blankets of hillside lapped by coastal waters or sitting nervously under sullen skies.

Street art, unsurprisingly, makes its influence known, most obviously in a series of works by Nathan Shaw, but also in the cartoon-like surfer image of Nathan Lungley.

The exhibition is completed by a series of miniature hand-float boards, shaped and decorated in fine humour by Jayin Tzu.



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