Monday, 25 October 2010

Labour Weekend Garden

Above, a Protea in our front garden.

Launching into another growing season, me and Jay are hoping to be as self producing as possible with fruit and vegetables this year. Pic Above is the garden at the beginning of the month, with soil turned over ready for planting out. Since then we have pricked out a pile of sprouted seeds into the furrows. New Trellis is up ready for the newly planted green beans, and the peas are in too,

Fruit trees are doing well, (above) and the berries are establishing themselves along the 3 tier espalier along the fence line.

We now have three strawberry Patches, and a good grove of Rhubarb plants. I think we have lost most of our asparagus plants which have been shooting for a few years, only two have sprouted so far.In the background of this photo (above) you can see I picked up some old low profile tyres at Mag and Turbo a few weeks ago, and Jay planted some spuds in them. Looking to get another 3 or 4 stacks going, two with Yams.


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