Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Coastal Policy Statement released

Date: 28 October 2010
Source: Office of the Minister of Conservation

A new national policy statement will give councils clearer direction on protecting and managing New Zealand’s coastal environment, including our top surf breaks, says Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson.

“The Government made a commitment to deliver more national guidance on implementation of the Resource Management Act,” Ms Wilkinson says.

“The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) 2010 that I’m recommending does that.”

The NZCPS sets out policies on coastal issues including protection of outstanding natural features and landscapes, planning for subdivision, use, and development, protection of biodiversity and water quality, and management of coastal hazard risks.

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What are the nationally significant surf breaks and how were they chosen?

This policy attracted significant interest and the list was developed by the Board of Inquiry after taking submissions from national surfing organisations and individual surfers, as well as related environmental evidence. The surf breaks listed come from seven regions:

  • Otago: The Spit, Karitane, Whareakeake (Murdering Bay), Papatowai;
  • Kaikoura: Mangamaunu, Meatworks;
  • Taranaki: Stent Road breaks, Waiwhakaiho;
  • Gisborne: Makorori Point, Wainui breaks, The Island;
  • Raglan: Manu Bay, Whale Bay, Indicators;
  • Coromandel: Whangamata Bar;
  • Northland: Peaks (Shipwreck Bay, Super tubes, Mukie 1&2).

Top marks to all the Surfing groups, individuals, clubs & orgs in NZ, especially the efforts of Surfbreak Protection Society getting this policy in the NZCPS - protecting some of New Zealands top surf breaks.


Anonymous said...

but what effect does this policy actually have? in all my years doing resource management i have seen this have little or no effect.

we need to input to the district plan consultation process.


nic on 01 November, 2010 14:01 said...

Surfbreak are currently compiling a list of Regional Plan review dates, and will be submitting to each of these as they are due for renewall, along with proposals for Regionally significant surf breaks to be included in the Regional Coastal Plans.


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