Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Birthday Shane

Today is my sons' 24th birthday.
Happy Birthday Shane, was great to spend the afternoon with you.
Above: Shane shooting off a few while I was baiting up the hook.
Below, A few of Shane's surf shots.

Below again: Downsouth and Jay paddling out. In the foreground the fishing hollow.

Above left; Shane took a photo of my first fish I caught. By the end of the session, after some filming from the rocks too, I had caught three fish using my super secret bait method. I was so stoked its been about 25 years since I last rock fished at Brighton.
After downsouth left to drive back to ChCh, Jay stayed out and surfed with Beano, and I went home with Shane. Above right: the three fish in the laundry sink at home.
Later in the afternoon Jay prepared the fish and we wrapped in foil with butter and tarragon and bbq'd them. I made a spinach (from the garden) garlic and tomato treat to accompany it (Pic Below)

Above, the vista sitting outside eating the catch, looking out over the spring garden.
PS.. my mother saw this post and sent me a photo she took of me having just returned from one of my fishing trips in 1980 ( I was ten or 11). I had also just taken a photo of the fish with my own camera ( you can see it on the window ledge next to me).. so in 30 years nothing has changed! thanks for the pic mum.


Surfer Nancy on 05 October, 2010 23:59 said...

Life is good!

db said...

Downsouth ya KOOK! ;) Get a shirt!

db said...

Oh and, your garden looks great Nic - and good catch! What were they?


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