Saturday, 2 October 2010

Stolen Surfboard - Brighton Beach

i nic
Local surfer Neds' daughter's surfboard went missing from the car park at the brighton (Dunedin) surf club today. He was surfing and she was playing on the beach with her mum and sister.
Ned would would like to think it wasn't stolen but it looks that way. He handmade the board mad for her, so it's kind of special to both of them. It's quite distinctive.
If you know of anything, hear anything, or even see it around,
please contact me via this blog


Jayin said...

that sucks !
bet the monkey who stole it wouldn't appreciate the pain he is causing !

may the thief get a lifetime of onshore winds and fins to the face !

nedsurfa on 08 October, 2010 15:09 said...


the board has been returned.

we received an anonymous call telling us where it was. i went to the address but it looked dodgy, so the police came and found it in a shed.

the young guy who took it tried to claim he owned it - yeah right! it has purple love hearts and my girls name on it, under the glass. then he tried to say he found it laying around. he is a known little scrote, and is going to be charged.

a good outcome, but still upsetting for my daughter who doesn't understand why someone would steal it.

thanks nic, love the blog


jayin said...

Stoked for you and your Girl Ned !

Jaydin on 11 December, 2015 23:56 said...

I'm looking to get a new longboard for around 200$ (Give or take 20$) that is good for going down hills without wobble, good turning, 180 standing sldies, and just learning new basic tricks. All answers help, thanks.

Joyce on 02 July, 2016 19:28 said...

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