Thursday, 8 July 2010

Promenade vision for ocean drive

From the Otago Daily Times By David Loughrey on Thu, 8 Jul 2010

Use of John Wilson Ocean Dr, in Dunedin, by pedestrians, cyclists and schools was increasing, Living Streets Dunedin convener Judy Martin said last night, and the road could become "a promenade that everyone enjoys".

The pedestrian advocacy organisation, and cycling organisation Spokes Dunedin, held a public meeting in St Kilda last night, to allow residents to find out more about issues facing the road, express their opinions, and make submissions to the Dunedin City Council.

The council is undertaking a consultation process on the future of the road, which was originally closed while construction of the Tahuna outfall project was under way.

It was re-opened in October last year, but was closed to traffic two weeks later, following a death at Lawyers Head.

Ms Martin said about 25 people and three city councillors attended the meeting.

Organisers adopted the perspective that while people talked about the road as "closed", it was closed only to traffic, and it had a future as a promenade.

It was decided Living Streets would become an umbrella group to push for the road to be "an open, inviting promenade" with a preference it remain closed to traffic.

Submissions on the road's future close on August 6.

View Submission Form on DCC Website here


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Anonymous said...

If the road was closed to prevent suicides at Lawyers Head, why would a promenade make any difference. Are you going to lose your motivation to jump because you have to walk to the site rather than drive?

walker duedin ranger said...

^^Anon^^ statistics have proven the answer to your question to be YES !
why is a whole half of a 1/2 km "road" being reserved for "non vehicular" activity so threatening to you ?


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