Monday, 7 August 2006

John Wilson Drive Closed till Jan 2008

Saturday .. shock.. discovered one of my fav spaces closed off to the public forover 16 months!! Awesome though that they are going to be working on extending the poo pipe out to sea way more though. Gonna piss off alot of boy racers who parade up and down constantly, I guess they will have to find somewhere else to strut their feathers.


jono said...

hey, love the new updates to the site, nice vid too, haha boyracers will have to find somewhere else, hope they don't come back either!

Nic on 07 August, 2006 23:07 said...

cheers Jono!
We'll have to keep a solid check on these magic seaweed swell predictions for Dunedin, see if its accurate and worth keeping on.


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