Monday, 21 August 2006

Where have I been??

my new (3 month old) computer died last week, so I ran away from home.
Prognosis is that its away to acer repair for 2-3 weeks to get 'fixed' or replaced, the bummer is that I lost alot of my images and many weeks of hard work since my last backup. We learn lessons the hard way. So now on a noisy loan machine I have recovered most of my passwords loaded a few of my favourite programmes on it, and I am away again.. the awesome news for me is that the loan computer recognises the DV Cam so I have been capturing footage from that from the last few weeks.. more mini surf vids to come over the next few weeks!
So last week during my hiatis from my computer/blog I whipped up to Christchurch to pick up my new canopus DVstorm pro2 video capture card!! and met up with a few regs on the forum and we went for a day trip up to Kaikoura..

left Dunedin Thursday lunchtime.. got to Timaru at Dusk.
Stayed in a backpackers overnight and got up early next morning to catch the sunrise down the line a bit
After a lazy morn shopping in timaru I headed up to CHCH

Next day was the trip up to Kaiks... the journey took us to Mungamanu first.
part 2 - to come..


Anonymous said...

do u know where the shots were taken? In Timaru???

Nic on 22 August, 2006 21:08 said...

yep, it was Patiti Point on 28 August, 2006 22:06 said...
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