Wednesday, 23 August 2006

:: VID :: Two more surfers -

The second installment of the Plunket Point chapter.

::: Mini Surf Video ::
by phoam arts

'Two more surfers'


Jonathan said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear that you lost work. Crazy medium, eh?
phoam, you really have a great aesthetic sense, in my opinion. The feeling in the video is wonderful.
Thanks again. Your stuff takes me back. I check it every morning with my coffee...wonder how many people around the world do the same?

Nic on 24 August, 2006 08:37 said...

hi Johnathan, I kind of knew, but I had to google aesthetic! but what a wonderful compliment, thankyou. I love creating basically, I love the surf lifestyle and I love the meditation that happens in the process. Even the frustration of loosing work, and setbacks is ultimately great once my mind gets over it. As for how many people? well I have a site meter which I can get statistics from, and it averages out at 50-60 individual hits a day.. from mostly Dunedin, Christchurch and the North Island, but also california, england, japan, argentina, brazil, Australia etc I am not great at self promotion, so I guess word of mouth is getting out :0) namaste

Anonymous said...

Just watched the vid from work in Syd. Takes me back to those cold mornings at Uni and the anticipation of that bar when it was about to break.

One of the only waves in the world where your legs get sore from doing so many reo's in a row. Good stuff.

Charlotte on 25 August, 2006 11:43 said...

Great mood you have created here sis with the music and style of shots. Love it! When's the next one due? :P

Nic on 26 August, 2006 22:45 said...

just loaded it :0) 'A small day at the View' on 28 August, 2006 22:03 said...
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