Sunday, 25 July 2010

Three Consecutive Sundays

The first two Sundays I found myself at the same surf spot photographing the Big Rock Crew, conditions were pretty primo surf-wise, but late in the day and overcast low-light conditions. An excellent opportunity to peak out the supposed higher functions of the canon 7D in these conditions. Looking back at all the settings I used, I realised I didn't play with the auto ISO. Next time. Below left: Jimi almost hitting noon time, Right: Nathan all cosy inside.

Above: Andy Below, another un-ridden empty.
Caitlin took a load of photos on the second Sunday, Which she says she is going to edit up and do her own post this week.

The third Sunday in this set, today has been an intensively mad task to get my first weeks' of assignments off for a year long film course I have just started. Something I have always wanted to do, especially since I have had so many technical issues the last year which has stopped me moving forward in making my own films. Hopefully starting from scratch with the right equipment and instruction will allow me to seamlessly and fully express my personal drive -
'Creative Expression in Action'


Anonymous said...

some nice shots

lentil said...

looks more like 4:20 ae crooksy! beachie


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