Monday, 26 July 2010

NZ Film Festival - Last Paradise

Dunedin Screening Times at The Rialto
Friday August 6th at 6.15pm
Saturday August 7th at 5.30pm

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In the remote wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids concocted a dream which they would one day share with the world.

Through 45 years of stunning original footage we relive the journey of extreme sports pioneers on the roads less traveled, to paradises which have long since gone. But for one.

Saving our planet starts with two things. Education and a creating a universal hunger for change.

This eco-adventure film captures the mindset, challenges and adventures of a maverick bunch who explored a paradise planet that few ever saw, just before it was to disappear forever.

Amidst the politics of the atomic age and cold war, young mavericks in the USA, Australia and NZ dropped out of mainstream society to pursue a dream. Last Paradise is the story of how they crossed paths, invented new lifestyles, adventures and technology and eventually discovered the world's secret paradises.

We see how their maverick journeys into the unknown changed their outlook, shaped their lives, values and vocations and how it paradoxically laid a foundation for our modern sports and eco-tourism.

The exploits of these early pioneers were rarely captured on quality film footage and most was kept under wraps to avoid exposing secret and fragile paradises. Until now.

We share their action-packed journey from post-war children on a sheep farm, to adults who are now trying to save what's left.

The story begins in a beautiful New Zealand, during the innocence of the 1960's, no barriers and few people It is here that our characters discover the world's most extreme wilderness as the perfect environment to experiment with adrenaline.

As teens, they pioneer adventure frontiers in Bali, Mexico, Europe, and the Australian outback. In original archival film, we share their impressions in unspoiled places and cultures. We feel the spirit of freedom, innovation and discovery in an unrepeatable age of perpetual novelty. When you built it yourself and ventured alone on the road less traveled.

These adventurers include scientists and innovators who provide a balanced and shocking insight into how our world has changed in 40 years - culturally, environmentally and technologically - and where we are headed. Over 45 years, we witness the most compelling evidence of global warming ever filmed and discover how the fruits of this journey promises future hope in restoration of the planet.

From over 60 hours of acquired film, approximately 10 hours of the best quality film has been mastered at 2k scanning from a variety of formats for 35mm film-out by Peter Jackson's Park Road Post Production and Weta Digital in Wellington. The film stands up in superb quality when projected in theatrical High Definition.


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