Wednesday, 29 April 2009

St Clair Beach Resort Progress

Photos taken Easter weekend 2009

Above The Esplanade


Lentil said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great project for St Clair and city.

pete m said...

Disturbing. economically good but still a blemish on a beautiful little community... God bless rising sea levels ..

Anonymous said...

certainly not designed by a NZIA registered architect? Like you Pete M, yes, so much for a positive urban design outcome.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately St Clair is a beach that was destroyed as an esthetically pleasing about 70 years ago ,the bad taste of this people box and the sewerage in the water fit in well with this part of the city.
Another coup for the Dcc in its desecration of a city.

Anonymous said...

yeah but the council only approved what was put in front of them. maybe the developer should put his hand a bit deeper into his pockt and have paid for a decent design rather than a pre-fab concrete slab constucted building designed in Milton!


nic on 30 April, 2009 15:00 said...

I believe it would all be about money, the cheapest possible design and construction, to get the best return for investment?
Being such a public place, would there not be some series of guidelines for aesthetic appeal? I believe in central otago, especially around Queenstown they even have limitations on choices of building colour!?

Danny Bartlett said...

from a master builders point of view ;there is nothing wrong with percast concrete,as for the comments on how it looks, well lets just wait and see, its only the structure .if you have any insight in to construction then you would unstand my point of view.
Danny Bartlett

Anonymous said...

when the council put together the plan change for the esplanade to change it to a local activity (commercial zone) there is nothing in the zone provisions as it relates to urban design etc. all pretty generic stuff on heights, setbacks, car parking etc.

not only is its design poor but its bulk and location is totally disproportionate to any other building within the immediate area. the council can only have control on colour etc where they have power to exercise discretion and that is only within townscape and heritage precincts and identifed landscape areas. the espie isn't one of them.



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