Thursday, 2 April 2009

A little Trip

Was a gorgeous morning on Tuesday, there was a solid south swell knocking through about 4foot offshore. But it was overcast and not great for pics.. nobody out either!.


Anonymous said...

hi nic, micro from here, thanks for the feedback, yip loving the g10, big step up from my ixus65 which i have been using for most of the blog and website pics, using a canon d1 mark 3 for other work, anyway just checked out your blog, awesome, great to see such a high standard surf blog, its a fulltime job (almost), keep up the good work, micro*

nic on 03 April, 2009 19:14 said...

thanks micro,

Definately almost a full time job, you have to love the whole process, taking the pics, and processing too. I do most of the pics for J's blog too, he must be the most photographed surfer in Dunedin.


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