Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sewage Safe For Now

Anybody noticed and differences in what is seen in the water?


neville said...

Typical Dcc spinning the truth ,it openly states in the article that "bad readings from the saltwater pool area and tomahawk creek were not included in mean statistics due to these reading not being typical"

Is Not the "Mean" derived from all statistics?
Of what use is a months statistics compared to all past readings?

The Dcc and Odt really do play for the dimmest audience,
it will be interesting when more readings are available straight from the lab not from the "Monkeys" then again the reading being taken less often soon shall undo any deserving doubters!

t2 said...

I got an eye infection the day
after surfing tomahawk last week
maybe a coincidence, but if the
arent chlorinating at the moment
maybe not as well

Anonymous said...

Chlorination is So not the solution as it kills all organic matter.i wonder if there is any organisms in the sea ?

t2 said...

your right, chlorination isnt cool
but if the reason I got sick
was from swimming there - and they
arent chlorinating...maybe the
bug count the were saying
were to high to be correct
might be on the money?

Anonymous said...

I've surfed tomahawk twice in the last week, right up to Lawyers Head. The water seems so much cleaner - smell, taste etc.

nic on 09 March, 2009 08:16 said...

great news the water is cleaner! although, I'm glad you're the one who was doing the taste test before and after :0)


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