Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Our vege patch now

My vege patch is chugging along nicely!! I have also planted big tubs of herbs (in foreground) of parsley, fennell, italian parsley, chives basil, purple sage, and margoram. Oh, and a lemon tree in a tub that my mum bought for us while staying with over new years.

The asparagus patch is taking off, along with the 6 pumpkin plants, which have sprouted massive tendrils extending to the native gardens. I proudly have 6 massive pumpkins growning, two the size of a good soccer ball. The tomatoes have not fared so well, due to wind, and the edges of the garden being dryer than the insides. the silverbeet has been an ongoing harvest, of which 20% we eat, and the rest is cleaned/chopped and bagged for the freezer for winter.

Man what can I say about the potatoes! we have made two big harvests, of about 50kgs of potatoes, and thats just half of the main garden,. We also planted out the bottom native garden in a selection of rarer potatoes half way through the season, which are currently flowering and growing strong.

Above, some of the the seeds that Caitlin and I planted out in October last year, and some of the pumpkins a month ago.
I have been making some vegetable relish preserves as well. The courgettes are all time, as well as the Leeks! Cant even begin to rave about all the yummy fresh salads and meals I have been creating from our beautiful garden. Its just such an incredible feeling harvesting your own food in your back yard.


db said...

A bit of dumpster diving to complement your veggie garden, and you could just about have a $zero food-bill there Phoam :) Well done!

nic on 13 March, 2009 10:27 said...

Actually I used to Dumpster Dive for ten years up until twelve years ago,when I bred and showed purebred Guinea pigs, I had 100-200 to feed every week, and I used to have an arrangement with the local supermarkets to get 6 banana boxes of green offcuts/fruit/veges a day, I also used to get veges, fruit and bread for the family and gave out to my friends too. So I know even back then how much was thrown out.

Anonymous said...

showing and breeding guinea pigs.... next you will disclose that you are a model train enthusiast.

nic on 24 March, 2009 14:57 said...

no, not trains.
love big trucks!


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