Monday, 6 October 2008

Rip Curl GromSearch Results

Concrete poured, path looks great, and asparagus patch dug & planted. Sunday was my sons 22nd Birthday. Cant believe it! Happy Birthday Shane :0)
Above: morning of the Sunday St Clair.
Pics from the finals day of the Rip Curl grom Search!

Above: Left - Peri Matenga. Right - Gabe Marriott.
Below: Left - The esplanade decked out. Right - Tane Wallis

Above: left- Johnny Hicks. Right - the 5 under 12 finalists paddling out. Below: Left - A lull through the Judges tent. Right - Elliot Paerata-Reid.

There is also a slideshow of my images from the weekend at the KIWISURF website here as well as their results & writeup , and while I'm linking the writeup from the SISA website.

Below, a few more free surf pics from the days before the weekend too


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much phoam for once again capturing the mood of an otago surf event,if surfing should ever be considered a sport (god forbid) it is when grommets get to travel and meet new mates and surf new spots and your shots captured many of those grom's having fun.
however i was disappointed to hear "Mr negative pics" was getting all "local" and holier than thou with you, Men harassing women is always pathetic and someone who has publicized Dunedin in so sluttish fashon in the "wavetrack NZsurfing guide" has no high ground to stand upon even in hilly dunedin.
forget his kind us average surfer love your dedication to recording surf culture in dunedin.

Anonymous said...

hey nic that picture of rosa thompson is actually Gabe Marriott.

Anonymous said...

hey u shold put that left on of todd haha the top turn


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