Saturday, 25 October 2008


I have caught so many dropins on film, I felt it time to post a few up I wouldn't normally, just in the spirit of true surfing.

Above Baccy and Josh Kronfeld. I know I've posted this before, but below we have baccy holding his ground is just a classic.


marko sharko said...

That is a classic. Does he actually throw him over his shoulder? It looks like a bit more than a fend.

Anonymous said...

Sooo Funny to see! But thanks Bacci for my new bike!!!! LOL G, just starting a spray job on it.

Anonymous said...

hey guys Baky here!!
yeah congrates once again on da win bro!! u really come a long way in these last couple of years aye! keep it up bro!!

yeah that was my first newb mal, second surf on it aye!! but then I snaped on the next one :(

Na thats da8 ninja that surfed all winter, he's real cool, he doesnt say much, but we were both haven a laugh after!!! it happen so fast dont asked me how he turned his board like that???? funny aye!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome sequence!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bacy,you don,t visit us at the beach anymore!!what da go bro????????? I know your foot may be still broken ah but my boogie board charger friend Harumi could show you a trick or 2!!!She even got a spare board you may like to try ??could open a new door for you hehe.hope your fixed soon dude...........Kimberley

Driving School on 01 November, 2008 02:44 said...

this is awesome!
deffinately the spirit of a true surfer


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