Friday, 10 October 2008

Readers Waves - Simon and the Sealion

Hi my name is Simon, whilst out in my car one day i saw some dudes paragliding so i went to get a picture or two it looked cool.
Down on the boat ramp at St kilda life guard station, i came across the seal that had been chasing the suffers off the beach a few days before. In true form the seal took one look at the paparazzi and gave chase, i was getting pics all the way. This seal was one heck of a dude he chased me up onto the footpath, sitting there like he owned the turf so to speak.

He watched the scene, cars, people walking their dogs and others just cruising along. He watched the dog really closely and seemed to think it was fun to sniff cars.

This was a tiring affair for this young seal so he had a bit of a sleep, only thing was it he choose the middle of the road at the back of Kettle park.

Steve Churchill local cop, arrived, stopped in the middle of the road. Our seal friend took acception, to his rest being disturbed and attempted to charge the cop car. So we had a face of The law of the Land vs the law of nature. The match did not make it into the first few seconds the bell rang at it was an immediate KO,

Steve retreating to direct traffic and the seal with his head held high, sat there for a few minutes in the middle of the road, before strutting victoriously back to the sandy shore line of His domain.

The thing for me, is that people may fight over who owns what and who is indigenous to the lands and seas of creation but nature in all its beauty is beyond our control, we cannot ignore it because we are subject to its power, but we can be caretakers respect and value the privilege of what we share.
~ Simon



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