Monday, 27 October 2008

:: Art Project :: Patio Mosiac

Its been a mission over winter to get as much done around the outside of the house so summer can be enjoyed fully without the pressures of doing some hard garden work. One mission was to put some more paths in, and lay a small patio area at the front door.

Jay did the hard yakka and dug out the grassed area at the front of the house ready. I got the pavers as seconds from the manufacturer in different colours and textures, and smashed them up into squares and triangles.

I then laid out an area the size of the pato and played with some designs. First i wanted to do the crop circle that featured on the Led Zepplin Album cover, but decided to go with the koru designs.

Below, laying down a 3 inch base of concrete, the pavers are then transferred over and levelled as I went.

Then after a day, the top layer of concrete was poured over, and wiped off the design.
I don't have a pic of it completed yet, will try get one up tomorrow. But I wasnt very happy with the finish, which is probably why I haven't made the effort to get a pic.



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