Saturday, 19 July 2008

yin and yang

yin and yang, whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.
yin is the feminine and represents cloudy overcast, yang is sunshine.. they are two complementary qualities, in dynamic equilibrium. As one aspect declines, the other increases to an equal degree. For instance, in the cycle of the year, the long days of summer gradually shorten and the nights gradually lengthen as winter approaches.
In microcosm, today (thursday) there was the golden late afternoon sun and dull cloud-cast light. Captured within that these images of the soft feminine empty breaking wave, and the masculine aspect of surfing power and style upon their faces.

Life is a balance in flux, what may seem for me a gross act upon my life can transform to a beautiful thing. Energies go up and down, inspiration comes and goes. None of this is bad, none can be grasped and kept as good, as all naturally transforms. For me riding the journey wave through all these transitions without an emotional attachment to a phase or act can be challenging at times. What helps me is the vision of a breaking wave as an analogy to my life.. when making the drop, I'm not thinking about paddling back out or putting petrol in the car, the only thing that exists in that moment is the drop as it happens in that moment/now. In life we only have now, the constant thought of the future/outcomes/consequences and past mistakes/lost joys and regrets can really stuff up your takeoff!

My life is my surf, I can't change the waves on the day, so just ride them as I can, be present and accept all that comes through. Its all just one drop in the ocean.



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