Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Blackhead loosing its Backbone

Update, just did some research after the comment left by Finny:
check out this link created by past founder of Friends of Blackhead, Lloyd Godman which covers the sacred history of Blackhead, along with images from the 1880's. Even more detailed history of the Blackhead prominence by Lloyd here, where he shares his personal connection complemented by more stunning historical photos.

22nd April 2008 - Driving over the Waldronville to Blackhead hill I couldn't help but gasp at the sight. A two story high and wide gash in Blackhead's back. Yes, I'm not silly I know its a quarry, of which the purpose is to remove rock, so its an inevitability.. but still.. if you think, the lowering.. less protection from the North East winds at the break, effects on sand dunes etc.

Above: a progression of the lowering and flattening of the Blackhead prominence from 1970 to 2007.
Below Left - the headland in July 2006

Above right -October 2007, Below February 2008

The 'knob' at the end is a result of a covenant placed in 1991, when spill from the quarry works were destroying the sacred 'pipes' rock formations at the base (this was was drawn up with the DOC (department of conservation) to protect the outer rock formations, including the Roman Baths and the Dock.)

Below, Blackhead seen from Tomahawk in the opposite direction.

DCC District Plan
Rule 6.5.8
Scheduled Permitted Activities
In addition to the activities in Rule 6.5.2, the following activities are permitted on the specific sites listed below:
(ii) Quarrying and aggregate processing situated at:
(b) Blackhead Quarry, as defined by Sec 3 Blk XIV Dunedin & East Taieri SD and Secs 153-155 Green Island Bush SD (CTs 255/200 & 255/278), except the area as defined by
Conservation Covenant 779741/2.
(xi) At Blackhead Quarry, extraction of material shall not occur on Sec 153 Green Island Bush
SD and shall not occur within 100 metres of Blackhead Road on Secs 154 and 155 Green
Island Bush SD. However, these areas may be used for quarry activities not involving
extraction such as stock piling overburden.

14.5 Landscape Management Areas - Description
The landscape values of Blackhead which is culturally significant to Manawhenua.
The outer edge of Blackhead has been protected by Conservation Covenant
779741/2. [Amended by C175/2001

(iii)Principal Threats to Visual Quality
Quarries and Other Excavations:

Inappropriate siting and scale of quarries and other excavations such that they
become visually dominant focal points.
(iv) Other Threats to Visual Quality
Significant Natural Features: to be preserved
Removal or diminution of significant natural features such as significant natural


Anonymous said...

personally I think it is outrageous that persons are allowed to mine this ‘landmark’ to a point where it will one-day lose its identity.

Finny in London

nic on 26 July, 2008 10:21 said...

yes, I agree, but its all about money. Also the scarcity, (according to studies) of the rocks and minerals at this site apparantly outweighs any damage to the area .. if you can crack the code to get into the rest of this report, you'll get an answer

Anonymous said...

i am pretty sure the current provisions of District Plan would only apply to new activities and not ones that have been in existence prior to the coming into effect and operation of the current district plan. maybe we can all make submissions to this effect when it is put out for consultation.

finny in london (soon to be back in dunners!)


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