Tuesday, 8 July 2008

more bird shots

I've been pretty keen on the bird shots lately, and enthralled at the gorgeous evening light at the Kaikorai Estuary, which thankfully is just a few minutes walk from my back door.
The estuary is home to many birds including Black Swans, ducks, and Pukeko's..

Above, white ducks at Brighton. Below seagulls lining up at St Clair

And above.. some sheep shots, I absolutely love sheep.
Another sheep post here

My grandmother lived in a cottage on a farm when I was growing up, we used to visit for the school holidays. She had this one pet sheep called Dushka (Russian for love) who was as tame and faithful as a dog. She even featured in a TV commercial in the late 70's for Reliance Sheep Nuts. Pic to right is Me and my grandmother with Dushka and one of her lambs.


charlotte on 23 July, 2008 22:06 said...

Awwww doesn't Grandma look in her element. How cute!! Lovely bird and wildlife photos. I reckon you could photograph anything well, if you put your mind to it!


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