Monday, 31 December 2007

new years eve surf

Me and jay met up with hayley and harumi at St Kilda for our last surf of 2007. I only lasted 15 mins.. the light was too good and I was too tired from working hard the last few weeks, and the 2hr surf in the am.

and then the light faded as the sun sunk behind a southern cloud bank on the horizon

Its been a damn good year ..
I am looking forward to every possibility that unfolds for 2008.
wishing you the best for 2008


Anonymous said...

looked fun as! wish i was there
see ya

nic @ phoam on 03 January, 2008 21:08 said...

heya Tash!!! we wish you were here too.. hope you're coming back soon

Ryan on 06 January, 2008 06:14 said...

great shots


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