Sunday, 2 December 2007

sealed with a kiss

After being indoors most of the weekend reading up on an excellent St Clair beach profile thesis, and a half a dozen historical accounts of the development of Ocean Beach, it was time to leave the house and get some fresh air. Jay was still searching for a decent wave somewhere and his surf ended up being out at St Clair.. as soon as he went out a sea lion turned up playing with a fish in its mouth in the shoreys.

Above: it then found amusement chasing a surfer around, and eventually rounded a few up and chased them out of the water and on to the beach. Below right: A lifeguard intervened to make sure people got out of the water safely and didn't hassle it too much.

Above: meanwhile out the back..

Above: board inspection time.
Below: Glen (in the hat) was giving a surfing lesson and had to
leave the water, standing motionless by his student's board the sea lion inspected it closely, sussed him out, bellowed a few times..

.. and then moved on.. below right: curious again

Above: meanwhile out the back.. where Jay was.. who came in not knowing the sea lion was guarding the beach..

Above right: onlookers from the Esplanade watch the scenario unfold with still and video cameras, some even came right down on to the beach, bringing their children quite close, all the sea lion wanted to do was lie on the beach undisturbed, and I assume all the squeals from the kids and finger pointing kept it rarked up. Below: charging at another surfer exiting the water.


Anonymous said...

looks like glen successfully taught that sea lion his famous hoot ...

t2 said...

how bout a close up of scabs face in that first shot eh

Olosurfer on 07 December, 2007 11:50 said...

Cool story

13 feet of fury on 08 December, 2007 09:06 said...

t2 can do a closeup, and he is grinning :0)

Nic said...

oops that was me above, was signed in in the Olo blog username


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