Saturday, 8 December 2007

Not far from home

I got the dates wrong when I marked these images for the blog, it says the 9th, but it was actually the 8th.
Its been hard this weekend.. I so wanted to get out for a surf, but I promised my physio that I wouldn't until she gave the go ahead.. my knee is doing heaps better and hopefully I might be able to get out in the nest few weeks. Being landlocked has really made me appreciate many things in my life that I was taking for granted. Also it has made me re-asses how I surf and my attitudes and sometimes irrational fears.. like being scared of rocks and taking off right on bigger waves. Most of all to just relax into what I am doing and work with the energy around me and within, there is nothing to 'do', and trying hard is just an excuse to not accept my limitations.



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