Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Some Design stuff over the year

I do odd design jobs over the year for people. The big one I did was three images for Amnesty International for fund raising. Each card I embedded the barbed wire around the candle logo in it. and designed the card layout. The cards have been sold all over New Zealand with a run of about 1000.

Did 2 new designs for the website banner of SISA, the South Island Surfing Association.

Also a biggie was redesigning the Clothing Tags and business cards for 'The Wardrobe', a sell-on-behalf clothing Shop in South Dunedin. What was special about this job was that I did the first design ten years ago, just after the shop opened, by hand. , and had been using the labels and cards all that time (they crossed out the 'and accessories' part after 5 years). This year I did a revamp and still incorporated the Ivy design in the new cards, as well as adding in Michelles new designer clothing label 'Ziggy', but someone else designed that logo.

(ABOVE: old labels left, New Labels right)
Started on a few paintings this week, just chocking out the basics of a limited pallate acrylic, below.



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