Tuesday, 17 April 2007

working all week

Busy week, just completed a commission painting the last few days along with four full days of work for me, love the school hollidays to soak up some extra shifts... will most likely go towards my new purchase, finally got my new fluid head tripod.!
So I tested it out tonight using Floyd's son Fugly as the guinea pig :0) scuse the pun.
Here he is doing his begging thing for pellets.. and yes definately not as cute as floyd was.. but he holds his own in other ways. he's standing on his verrandah which folds down during the day, which he cruises out on talking to you as you walk past to remind you that you never gave him a pat or more food.

Also to note front page 'headlines' of the ODT.. more damage at St Clair, this time the ramp for the Surf Lifesaving boat which was closed last month due to the lifting of a concrete panel. it has now apparantly slipped completely.. and to add.. there are four grains of sand left at St Clair.
Below are two pics my mother just sent me through tonight of me (behind the puppy) and my twin brothers by the old sea wall at St Clair sometime in 1978 when there was LOTS of sand which stretched for ten of metres down the beach to the tide mark. The second pic is my mother and brother in front of the wall again 1977, sorry mum.. hope you don't mind .. being in your bikini...



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