Friday, 13 April 2007

:: VID :: South Islands 07

managed to get it done within a week.. some edited footage from two days of filming at St Clair beach of the South Island Surf Champs..
- footage shot on one camera by a handful of whomever felt like it: Me, Hayley Coakes, Tash Civil, Luke Grubb, Jay Tzu . . who else had a go? sorry if I missed you out.

I also want to say a few words about the promotion and coverage of the South Island Surf Champs this year .. I know there was a great deal of time and energy behind the scenes along with tremendous corporate and private sponsorship for the event.. congrats to the committee of the South Coast Boardriders for a sucessfully handled event... and to all those who competed regardless of their placings.

The disappointing thing to note was the lack of recognition from the NZ surf media and local media for the big event of the year for South Island Surfing.. in the ODT an article about an australian competitor with just minimal on the comp itsself. The 'big' surfing websites and had nothing at all leading up to the event and nothing the week since... but overseas big dollar/big name events get coverage?? I thought kiwi talent and local events would be more than worthy of a mention, or is the corporate surfing world in NZ turning into an americanised sponsorship & brand-driven elitist marketing game?


boardridingbuddha on 15 April, 2007 20:58 said...

Sweet sounds and editing ,
love your creations !
keep at it

Anonymous said...

Good point Nic! I was kinda wondering the same thing. But what to do eh?

Nic on 16 April, 2007 08:20 said...

exactly.. what to do.
I have sent three 'news releases' of comps and results, some with photos to lately and none have been run.. so I didn't bother this time.
... as long as we care :0)

sckiwi said...

Great vid Nic.
Also very valid points regarding the coverage.
Thanks for comp coverage.


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