Sunday, 1 April 2007

sapphire princess

My morning started early, out the door at 6.30 to meet up at a break 'it won't be crowded'. Caught the sunrise as I arrived and took a few shots. First one in the top corner is the cruise ship the 'Sapphire Princess' which was supposed to be in at Port Chalmers on the 8th of march (because for work we planned a trip to see it arrive), but it sailed straight past due to high winds. today back from Sydney it began its navigation into Otago Harbour.

I then proceeded to paddle out .. and kept on paddling for about an hour and a half, caught no waves and generally got in the way in the now crowded break, as my mind also got in the way to me catching a wave. So visions of being smashed into the rocks upon a botched takeoff won me out and I bailed and caught a few dumpy shories till I was stuffed. Well it was my first time surfing there, and the experience was enough for me.. gotta get confident with popping up quicker and actually going right instead of left all the time, great being a kook :0)
So took some photos along the rocks for a few hours between the cloud cover...

Drove home around noon when the rain came through and paused to catch a pic of the now berthed Sapphire Princess, massive ship.. always had a thing for big ships... and she was MASSIVE. plus in the settlement of Port Chalmers.. a big banner for the Corona Crown of Surfing thing..


Kyle on 02 April, 2007 19:31 said...

Hey Nic, congrats on the netguide mention :) I was just looking through some of your pictures and thought how much I miss how you used to label them with their location. Any thought towards doing this again.
Cheers - Kyle

Nic on 03 April, 2007 07:42 said...

thanks Kyle,
Yes I do miss putting the locations on the pics too. Basically I changed the format to keep in line with the general rule of not naming spots, even if they are popular well-known breaks. Just a respect thing for the majority of the locals given the wide reach of surf pics on the internet.


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