Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Stok'd part II

The other images.... yesterday

Poor Hayden really getting a lip bash *ouch*


Anonymous said...

G'day it Jamie Civil here just wanted to thank you for the photos and was hoping that you could refer to me as Muz for future times as that is what I am known by in Dunedin. Thanks heaps and hope all is well.


Nic on 23 June, 2006 21:26 said...

great, glad you like them, I will go back and edit the posts etc as Muz for you. Yep all is well here, going to have the weekend off, a deserved break for me. cheers nic :0)

Nic on 23 June, 2006 22:18 said...

yeah Muz, right lol all back now

Anonymous said...

Haha cheerz nic! Yeah you have a top notch break



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