Thursday, 1 June 2006

All right St Kilda

I managed to squeeze in a flick past St Kilda and St Clair this afternoon in between doing after school stuff with my girls, the reaction I get from them when I say "I'm just going to drive past ... to see whats happening" is typically replied with " so in half and hour we'll get to ..." at least Caitlin knows to keep a book in the car now :0) So anyway, St Clair, a crowded peak out from the Esplanade Surf school area caught a few moves which are collaged to one shot Four are of Lyndon Hutton in the red and black wettie. The St Kilda pics were taken from JW drive .. some nice sets coming through with some stunning rights.


Anonymous said...

thats lyndon hutton in the red and black wettie of your collage

Nic on 01 June, 2006 21:39 said...

thanks. I wish I got some better shots of him he really sttod out with his presence and talent.


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